About NST


Between the years of 2004-2006 in Milan Italy, Dr. Michael Nixon-Livy teamed up with the Psicosomatico Institute, who use NST as their main structural therapy, to run a series of research studies into the effectiveness of NST. The studies were headed by Psicosomatico’s  Dr. Riccardo Scognamiglio and Dr. Michele Fortis and ultimately regulated by the Nth Italian Govt and the WHO.

NST research chartThe research studies were undertaken at the time as part of a broader search throughout Italy to identify complementary medical techniques that deserved the recognition of the allopathic medical community.

Better health, better life

In the initial research phase 60 individuals suffering from back pain were treated using NST producing results so successful that Psicosomatico were awarded an invitation to conduct a final research phase where a new group of 39 more severe sufferers of chronic back pain, were each given five sessions of NST over a three month period.

The individuals many of whom had previously believed that their only solution lay in surgical intervention were later evaluated for their improvement in pain levels, range of motion, dependency on pain medication, the need for surgery and finally improvement in quality of life.

The astounding results of this final phase are summarised in this report for you to download in english or in italian