About NST


NST employs a system of specialized and sequenced, soft tissue rolling stimulation called Pri-moves. Pri-moves or Proprioreceptive Rolling Impulse movements, are firstly applied to the Lumbar, Thoracic and Cervical spines after which further sequences are applied to the upper and lower extremities. Finally additional sequences may be applied to the sacrum, coccyx, pelvis and TMJ as presenting symptoms dictate.

In this sense NST utilizes a Core-Extremities-Core strategy to achieve a ‘thorough layered integration outcome’ from gross to subtle. A typical NST session will last for 20-30 minutes but maybe shorter or longer as necessary.


The Pri-move itself will sedate the immediate area to which it has been applied and then via spinal reflex action stimulate or release other associated muscles and organs remote to itself.

The effect of applying sequences of Pri-moves to the body is that at a certain point a neuromuscular ‘tipping point’ is reached within the organism whereby natural auto-regulation occurs within the spinal column and consequently throughout the whole body.

A systematic recalibration of the neuromuscular system and the Autonomic Nervous System is achieved characterized by a rapid reduction in pain, improved range of motion, enhanced physiology and vitality.

Although NST can be applied to any condition that the human organism is capable of manifesting its effectiveness is most dramatically obvious in the resolution of all spinal and structural conditions including back pain, neck pain, conditions of the articulations, cranial and TMJ disorders, headaches, sporting injuries, respiratory and digestive conditions, menstrual conditions, chronic fatigue and emotional depression.