NST Advanced

The NST Advanced Workshop follows on directly from the Basic workshop approximately some six months later, and is specifically designed to raise the practitioner’s professional application of the NST Spinal Integration system to higher level.

foot procedureFollowing a set format known as RAP the four-day NST Advanced Workshop focuses on three important training aspects know as Refinement, Adaptation and Potentizing.

Refinement: The first six hours of the workshop is dedicated to the revision of the NST Basic Workshop materials. This is achieved via a series of integrated mini drills and demonstrations.

Adaptation: Discovering ways to creatively alter or adapt the Basic Core work will immediately create flexibility for the practitioner when using the Dynamic Body Balance. Appropriately, an additional four hours is dedicated to this important pursuit.

Potentizing: This is arguably the most important part of the workshop where the practitioner will be introduced to an array of highly effective ‘advanced’ procedures that are designed to add potency and scope, or otherwise become an alternative to the NST Basic Workshop Categories procedures.

Procedures for the shoulders, elbow and wrist, hands, feet, hips, coccyx, central base, scoliosis, epilepsy, TMJ, eyes and the cranium will be taught.

Prerequisites > NST Basic Workshop
Total training hours > 28hrs
Cost > approx 1000 Euro including full instructional manual 
Note > on completion practitioner will be listed on NST website practitioner list as AP = Advanced Practitioner