NST Able & Active

The NST Able and Active Workshop is a three-day training designed to provide NST practitioners the necessary opportunity of having their skills reviewed and honed while at the same time learning all that is new in the developing world of NST. 

At both the European and Australian NST headquarters Dr. Michael Nixon-Livy and Ron Phelan have continued to worked diligently over many years to ensure that NST practitioners receive not only the best possible ‘post graduate level’ training via the NST workshop system, but indeed that they maintain those standards at the highest possible level.

hand procedureAdhering to this important standard will continue to ensure that a world-class reputation for NST is ongoing and guaranteed, thereby creating a win-win outcome for clients and practitioners alike, as optimal quality healthcare in NST Spinal Integration is assured.

Participants will have their skills assessed under observation via several practice sessions of NST bodywork drills specifically designed to highlight where improvements can be made.

The drills and feedback sessions that follow will comprise the first day of the workshop.

The other days will be dedicated exclusively learning an impressive array of clever interface strategies and mini-protocols that will add to the overall potency of their NST work.

Prerequisites > NST Basic and Advanced workshops
Total training hours > 21 hours
Cost > approx 750 Euro including full instructional manual
Note > on completion practitioner will be listed on NST website practitioner list for an additional three years