This beautifully illustrated A4 size Flip Chart is based exclusively on the Proto Plus seminar manual and contains all 24 protocols or procedures depicted in a point by point fashion.

With over 100 full colour, NST anatomical illustrations the 34 page NST Proto Plus Flip Chart is the perfect tool for supporting all other studies of the Proto Plus system undertaken via a live seminar or DVD Training.

Each and every protocol and procedure is a unique therapeutic intervention that is designed to be used in conjunction with the NST Osteospinal Basic and Advanced work or to replace it in some cases.

There are 15 protocols that cover the area of the body from the pelvic girdle down to the feet, 1 set of channel releases and another 7 protocols or procedures from the visceral abdominal cavity up to and including the cranium itself. There is also 1 full body balance using a hands-on only approach, designed specifically for highly sensitive or infirm patient.

The NST Proto Plus Flip Chart has been choreographed in a sequential style to give the reader a proper sense of procedural flow, however there are no accompanying written instructions as such, as the reader is encouraged to simply follow the images and apply Pri-moves where indicated.



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