NST Complete DVD Training System SUPER SPECIAL OFFER


Incredible Quality and Value for money!

Get the Ultimate NST DVD Training Package and enjoy lifetime access to one of the best Osteospinal systems anywhere on the planet anytime, any day.

This highly professional and integrated learning system has designed for clinicians who want to learn and apply NST with immediate effect in their clinics.
Wonderful for the experienced NST practitioner who wants more accuracy and potency in their work.
Supported by over 300 full colour NST anatomical illustrations, on-screen notes plus 2 beautifully illustrated A3 sized flip charts, is by far the best and most cost effective system of its kind on the market today.

A lifetime professional asset!

  • My clinical work improved vastly and rapidly as a result of being able to check any procedure within seconds via the DVD’s easy access menu systems.
    Jane P. / Physiotherapist, Canada
  • I learned NST 13 years back and have been getting tremendous results..its my main technique. But when I started using the DVD’s and Flip charts I learned so much more and results have gone to a new level.
    Jose C. / Osteopath, Spain


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