NST Colloidal Minerals


NST Colloidal Minerals are a safe and effective source of organic, plant derived, colloidal macro and trace minerals, in a combination and balance that only nature can produce. They are derived from natural plant deposits discovered by Thomas Jefferson Clark in central Utah, USA in 1925. Naturally extracted in water without the use of acids or damaging heat, this product is one of the oldest and finest commercial nutritional supplements available in the world today.

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Our unique NST colloidal minerals specifically supplement the balance of the body’s natural chemical production. This time-tested, health renewing mineral formula contains up to 70 of the 94 naturally occurring elements, including all of the essential minerals, in trace amounts. Trace minerals are so important that the lack of trace minerals quite possibly is the primary cause of disease within Western culture today.

It has been scientifically proven that these vital colloidal minerals are no longer in the food chain that modern man subsists on and therefore simply must be added to our diet as a priority if indeed optimal health and longevity is our goal!

Some of the possible benefits of supplementing with our plant-source trace minerals are that it:

  • aids absorption of vitamins
  • provides general nutritional balance
  • helps to build and maintain a healthy body
  • can increase flow of vital energy
  • non-toxic
  • enhances our other dietary supplements for maximum bio-availability

Individually, trace minerals have been found to be beneficial for a number of health needs, such as:

  • building bones and muscle tissue, stimulating the nervous system,
    also essential for the proper utilization of calcium (boron)
  • regulating the breakdown of sugar and carbohydrates (chromium)
  • helps form red blood cells and maintain nerve tissue (cobalt)
  • strengthening bones and teeth (fluoride)
  • regulating the thyroid (iodine)
  • stimulates a healthy immune system (iron)
  • fighting cancer cells (manganese)
  • essential for protein synthesis and a healthy nervous system (molybdenum)
  • destroying free radicals with vitamin E (selenium)
  • antibiotic capabilities (sulfur)
  • helping wounds heal, production of white blood cells (zinc)


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