Buy a box of 20 MOJOs & Save a MASSIVE €800.00 of the regular single price!

NST’s popular  TMJ MOJO Appliance creates an instant change in the TMJ and the process of repair and stabilization commences immediately.

Simply a must for all Spinal therapists who adjust the lumbar, thoracic and cervical spines and the TMJ!

Read what user said:

  • My nagging headaches literally disappeared within 2 hours of using MOJO..
    Beth B. / South Africa
  • As a long haul truck driver I can vouch for the effectiveness of the MOJO in stopping neck and back pain from getting starting…great idea!
    Gary K. / USA
  • The MOJO is something my clients can do at home to further improve the TMJ and general results – and it really works!
    Petra P. / Germany
  • My husbands snoring completely stopped after using MOJO for 1 week…incredible result!
    Patricia K. / UK
  • I can work for many hours at my computer without should and upper back pain…Im very grateful for the MOJO and recommend them to all office workers.
    Tina M. / Australia


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