Ron Phelan

Manager | Head Teacher - English countries.

Ron’s original involvement with NST commenced in 1998 in Melbourne, Australia at a time that coincided with a change from a distinguished career at the Gordon Institute of Technology in Geelong, Australia, where he developed and ran the Diploma in Myotherapy.

ron phelanHis natural aptitude for NST apparent at an early stage, enabled him to quickly develop the required skills to move swiftly through the ranks with ease, culminating in him attaining the status of NST Teacher in 2001.

His prolific teaching of NST has taken him around the globe several times and today he manages and oversees the teaching and ongoing development of NST in all English speaking countries.

His knowledge on the history of Tom Bowen is second to none having gained much valuable information through his close contact with several of Tom Bowen’s students, Bowen’s secretary Rene Horwood and sister Agnes.

Ron has also studied or worked with several of Bowen’s students gleaning important knowhow and referencing strategies that have helped to maintain NST’s accuracy at the highest level.